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Palestinian Health Ministry Reports 156 Palestinians Killed by Israeli Occupation in 2023

The Palestinian Health Ministry has released a report stating that since the beginning of 2023, a total of 156 Palestinians have been killed by Israeli occupation forces and settlers in the occupied West Bank, Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip. The report, released on Monday, sheds light on the continued violence and loss of life in the region.

According to the Ministry’s findings, among the 156 Palestinians killed, 10 were females. Shockingly, the report highlights that 26 Palestinian children, all under the age of 18, have also lost their lives due to the actions of the Israeli occupation forces.

The report further specifies that within the besieged Gaza Strip, 36 Palestinians have been killed by the Israeli occupation. Of these, 33 fatalities occurred during Israel’s intense five-day bombardment from May 9 to May 13, 2023. The Gaza Strip has been subject to repeated cycles of violence, resulting in significant civilian casualties and the destruction of infrastructure.

These figures serve as a somber reminder of the ongoing tensions and human suffering by the Israeli occupation of Palestine and Palestinians. The loss of innocent lives, particularly among children, highlights the urgent need for a peaceful resolution to the conflict and the protection of civilians in accordance with international humanitarian law.

The Palestinian Health Ministry’s report draws attention to the pressing need for the international community to actively engage in efforts to promote dialogue, de-escalation, and a just resolution to the long-standing Israeli occupation. Human rights organizations and advocates continue to call for an end to violence, respect for human rights, and the pursuit of lasting peace in the region.

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