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Israeli Occupation Demolishes Palestinian House in Occupied Jerusalem

Israeli occupation authorities carried out the demolition of a Palestinian-owned house in the Jabal al-Mukaber neighborhood, located south of the occupied city of Jerusalem, on Wednesday morning, displacing its residents and leaving them homeless.

Citing the lack of a building permit, the Israeli occupation municipality proceeded to demolish a house in the Sal’aa neighborhood of Jabal al-Mukaber, where five individuals resided. This action is part of an ongoing pattern where Israeli authorities employ the pretext of illegal construction to restrict Palestinian expansion in occupied Jerusalem.

Simultaneously, the Israeli occupation municipality and government have actively constructed tens of thousands of housing units in illegal settlements across occupied East Jerusalem, aimed at altering the demographic balance in favor of Israeli settlers in the occupied city.

Since the 1980s, Israel has been relocating its citizens into various neighborhoods of occupied Jerusalem, resulting in widespread human rights violations, including forced displacement of Palestinian residents and the demolition of their homes.

Illegal settler groups, with full support from the Israeli occupation government, continue to threaten hundreds of Palestinian families with forced displacement and house demolitions. The presence of nearly 700,000 Israeli settlers residing in 256 illegal settlements and outposts scattered throughout the occupied West Bank, including East Jerusalem, remains a stark violation of international law.

Despite appeals filed by Jerusalem residents to halt demolitions and forced displacement, Israeli courts have consistently rejected such pleas, exacerbating the plight faced by Palestinians in the city.

The demolition of Palestinian homes and the forced displacement of families in occupied Jerusalem are sources of deep concern for human rights organizations and advocates worldwide. Calls for an end to these practices and the respect for the rights and dignity of Palestinians continue to grow, urging the international community to take decisive action against Israeli crimes against Palestinians.

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